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A Caversham House Picnic

Hi again everyone 🙂 A couple of days ago we posted a gorgeous bridal session Photographed in Perth’s Swan Valley… Well today comes not only the other half of that photo shoot, but also a video of the photos… Yey!!

So let’s kick things off with the video… We set the images to one of my favourite songs on the radio right now… DNA by Thirsty Merc.

These wedding photos were done at Caversham House, in the Swan Valley, just outside of Perth. This is literally one of the best wedding photography locations in Perth, bar none. Romantic, intimate, lush and the light is to die for.

We began the second half of the photo session by setting up a quaint picnic on the lawns below the Secret Garden at Caversham House. Charlotte has been acquiring props for these wedding photos over the last few weeks at op shops around Perth… So once we arrived and saw the pink and white roses in the garden, she pulled out just the right crochet blankets. She topped off the picnic basket with red and green apples and a pear or two for good measure.

Emily & Wilson sat down to enjoy a few quiet minutes together as the sun drifted behind the clouds. Splashes of golden light would fall on the couple each few minutes as they laughed and fed each other various goodies packed into their picnic lunch.

The photo shoot felt like a chance for the two of them to unwind together and enjoy soaking in each others presence… It’s cool to see couples so happy and in love.

Our breath taking bride decided that Wilson deserved to be fed the mini apple pie by hand and proceeded with a mischievous glint in her eye.

As Wilson took a tentative bite, Emily pressed the powdered sugar top onto his nose… too cute.

After enjoying a bite to eat, the couple spent some time on the old-fashioned swing before exploring the Secret Garden together, whispering into each others ear as they bathed in the tranquility of Caversham House’s gardens.

As you can see, the angles for gorgeous wedding photography at Caversham aren’t limited… the contrast of the manicured garden to the rustic Eucalyptus trees really does make for gorgeous wedding photography locations.

The love that Emily and Wilson share is so evident in the soft touches and gentle caresses they shared.

I love these soft, magical shots taken from the other side of the rose gardens… It really conveys the sense of calm that the garden has.

What a gorgeous couple eh? I love this fashion style pose they struck… what a cool couple!

This photo above again proves the vast range of wedding photography locations that Caversham House has! Awesome.

Emily  & Wilson, Thanks so much for your generosity of spirit, wonderful attitude and most of all, for trusting us to photograph your bridal session. We wish we could have made it to your wedding in Hong Kong. All the very best from both of us. Dave & Charlotte, Your Photografriends 🙂

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