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Cottesloe Engagement Session

It was a warm Sunday afternoon in Perth. Daniel and Caris arrived at Cottesloe Civic Centre as the sun was nearing the horizon… Daniel with a blanket tucked under his arm and carrying the esky, Caris held some flowers and a cute little chalk board.

As Daniel placed the crochet blanket out, Caris poured a nice glass of wine for each of them.

If you ask me, this is the life! Such a great way to spend an afternoon. They sat and chatted I began photographing them. I always find, the best engagement photo is the one where you don’t see the photo, but the people – their personalities.

As they sat and drank together it was obvious how in love these guys are. Aren’t they just adorable together?

Check out the gorgeous sunlight pouring through these next few shots… Cottesloe Civic Centre is such a romantic place.

I took this ring photo by popping it into one of the empty wine glasses. I love the colour and texture the blanket makes underneath. You can tell these two were forgetting about the photography when they started having fun and doing that silly stuff together, every couple does 🙂

I mentioned the chalk board earlier… well these next few photos show you what Caris had in mind for some fun… What a cool idea for their engagement shoot! So cute seeing the things they love about each other written down in chalk. A really cool visual way to express things in photos! It definitely made for some funny shots.

Cottesloe Civic Centre has some stunning photography locations indeed. You can see why Charlotte and I loved having our wedding ceremony here!

After wrapping up at Cottesloe Civic Centre we cruised down to the Indiana Tea House for a few quick photos before wrapping the engagement session at sunset… Isn’t this light just gorgeous? Photographers don’t know how good they have it in Perth, the light here is absolutely amazing.

Isn’t the Indiana Teahouse just a cool looking building… we’re so used to seeing it in post cards that it’s kind of strange to see that it’s actually 3D 🙂

As Daniel & Caris sat on the stairs in front of the Indiana Teahouse they enjoyed the view and had some laughs together.

As the sunset happened and twilight set in, the three of us wandered up to the dunes. What a gorgeous part of the world Cottesloe is.

Thanks for such a relaxed, enjoyable time Caris & Daniel. I’m so excited about your vineyard wedding in March.

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