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Hot air ballooning in the Avon Valley

When Charlotte and I were deciding on our wedding registry we opted to have people give us experiences and adventures rather than household items… So it’s been an exciting few months since our wedding, because we’ve done everything from wine tours, dinners at really nice restaurants, romantic trips to Margaret River, scuba diving in the Phillipines right through to the most recent adventure… Hot Air Ballooning in the Avon Valley!!!!

The day began EARLY… We woke up at 3am and drove away from our house by half past. I have to admit, driving up into the Perth hills pre-sunrise is pretty awesome.

I have to say, hot air ballooning is incredible. Much more amazing that I could have imagined. It was made 1000 times better because I got to spend the day with the girl of my dreams. I tell you, being married is even better than I thought it would be. Charlotte and I are both loving this honeymoon stage of our relationship – spending long mornings hanging out, drinking coffees, taking our two dogs for walks and just soaking up being together.

So back to the ballooning adventure… we arrived in Toodyay around 5:15 and met up with our pilot and fellow passengers.

After our pilot, Mark, had set a helium balloon off to get a sense of wind direction and strength we all piled into the mini bus and drove south east.

We arrived in an empty field and the 10 passengers watched on as the driver and pilot began laying out the balloon in preparation for inflation.

I absolutely adore this portrait of my wife as the light began to seep over the horizon. It really captures her spirit.

The inflation was surprisingly quick. Within minutes the balloon was standing upright and looking rather grand.

And here we are, ready to take off!

The view as we first left the ground was absolutely incredible… The Aussie outback is amazing from the ground, but even better from the air!

Charlotte was stoked that we’d cleared the tree tops!

The photos that Avon Valley Ballooning gave us on CD with our package were really decent! The camera that took this next shot was hanging about 5 metres away from the basket and Mark was able to take the pictures remotely.

This next photo gives you a sense of the height we flew for the first kilometer or two… It was actually really cool being able to see all the details and textures on the ground below us.

I’m going to make a large print of this next aerial photo for our house.. Such a cool point of view.

Is there a more typical Western Australian landscape than this??

Sweet textures eh…. Such magic light.

And here are the survivors 😉 Haha. We had a really nice smooth landing but couldn’t be happier with the experience… Definitely a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a really romantic and relaxed date together.

After a champagne breakfast with hand made quiches and the most delicious mud cake, we spent the day wandering around Northam and Toodyay. We had so much fun exploring a historic mill that has all the old machinery running! Very cool. We also did some wine tasting at a winery and wrapped up the day with going to the Toodyay Emu Farm – the oldest Emu farm in the world. What crazy personalities emus have!

Well, hope you enjoyed seeing some of our personal travel photos… there will be more coming in the future 🙂

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