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Puppy Photoshoot!

Charlotte and I would like to introduce you to our two adorable little sausage dogs, Greta & Fritzi!

In February this year, while we were making our move from Canada to Australia our dogs had to spend a month in quarantine at Byford. It was really hard only being able to visit them 3 hours per week, but we got through it and the dogs couldn’t be happier to be in Australia! Fritz loves his daily trips to the dog beach to play fetch with his favourite ball in the waves! And Greta couldn’t be happier to curl up and sunbathe in the beautiful Perth warmth.

Greta is the smaller of our dogs – she weighs just 2.4 kilos whereas Fritzi’s about 6.

We’ve put together a slideshow of the photo shoot we did if you’re interested to watch it, or you can skim through the photos below.

I love this next photo – Greta tends to have a rather concerned look on her face when she’s not sure of her surroundings. Sooo cute.

There should be a thought bubble on the photo above: “Seriously?”

Look at my gorgeous girls… what a cute pair they make!

Well Greta’s certainly had her time in the spot light.. new on to some photos of our boy – Frtizi… of Fritty as we know him 🙂

He wasn’t always such and adventurous dog, but over the last couple of years he’s lost his fear of heights, waves and most things that scare smaller dogs.

What a cute dog Fritz is… We love him so much. Thanks for checking out a few of our favourite puppy pics now that they’re enjoying their new home!

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