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Sexy Engagement Photo Shoot at Bells Rapids

Hey all. It’s been a long time since my last blog post, so I’m very pleased to be sharing a gorgeous engagement shoot with you that we did on Sunday. During this engagement session I had the couple spend a little time connecting with one another over each of their 5 senses – Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch.

They started off their session by listening to one of their favourite songs together (which you can hear by watching the video at the bottom of this post). Within seconds of them putting on the music it was completely obvious how much they love one another.

The photo shoot took place at the gorgeous Bells Rapids, about 45 minutes drive north of Perth. I think it’s an amazing spot to get away as a couple and enjoy some time surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape in the Perth region – I highly recommend you check it out sometime (Here’s Directions).

Next I had them focus on their sense of Touch. I asked each of them to close their eyes and allow the intense love they have for the other build inside of them as they thought of all the times they’ve felt the most connected to one another over the course of their relationship. Then I asked them to open their eyes and draw each other into an embrace that would convey the depth of their feelings about each other.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the hug above is one of the most beautiful images from the whole photo shoot.

Next we wandered over to a lovely open grassy area where I asked them to sit near one another and close their eyes, soaking in the aromas around them, then slowly move closer and start to smell one another… Sounds weird right? But check out the great laughter it caused!

The next photo is one of my favourites from the shoot. I love how much these guys are into each other. So cool!

After a break and change of wardrobe we kicked off the second half of the photo shoot with them throwing a picnic for themselves – wine, strawberries and lovely lindt chocolates made for a romantic time connecting over their taste buds.

Next we wandered down to the river and the couple decided they’d love to jump into the water together. It’s so nice seeing them really having a lot of fun.

Before I wrap up I wanted to share a wonderful review the couple posted on our google places page

This was the most amazing experience my partner and I have ever had! Dave made us feel so comfortable, it felt as if we had known him for years. Dave brought out the best in us and helped us reconnect on another level. After the shoot my partner and I just looked at each other and just went WOW, how awesome was that. It honestly felt euphoric and we were just on a natural high afer. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces on the way home. The next day I pin pointed why we were in this state of bliss. In the mix of planning a wedding, going to work and running through the daily grind, we all get caught up in ‘life’. That afternoon with Dave, he made us stop and reflect on how much we truly love each other… and reminded us why we were getting married in the first place. Thanks again Dave for this experience, absolutely love love love the photos and all your work! To those who are looking for a photographer, no need to look further Dave and Charlotte are it!

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