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Meet Tabitha and Cody! They are one of the coolest couples I’ve had the pleasure to photograph this year in Perth. They’re just so into each other and you can tell that something about them just clicks. These two are meant to be, and I feel really lucky to be the one to photograph their love!

We started out the shoot in some pretty light and I gave these guys some time to be playful and do what they do best – have fun together. If there is one thing for certain, Cody loves making Tabitha laugh!

I love the drama to these shots in the Paperbarks. We are so lucky here in Perth to have such a beautiful city to photograph and also such stunning nature reserves that make for amazing backdrops like these.

On one of my many vintage shop adventures around Perth, I sourced this funky velvet chair. I brought it along for a few cute back-lit photographs. Don’t you love how the sun floods the trees in this golden light… Dreamy!

Tabitha wore the perfect outfit for this location. I loved the way that the layers in her dress imitate the trees.

This is another vintage find I love. So much colour and pop! Tabitha is such a beauty, she makes my job way too easy!

How cute are these two!

To a Canadian photographer like me, I am always awe-struck by the nature around here. To me these back drops look like they are straight out of Lord of the Rings! I loved the natural archway in this shot. Cody is actually an amazing dancer and he had a bit of fun twirling Tabs around!

I have a bit of a collection of what I like to call Granny Blankets. I absolutely adore them. Maybe it’s because beautiful handmade things just have soul or because it’s just a pretty piece from the past.ย  My adorable couple loved them too and look so cute together in these shots!

Wow, remember what I was saying about the beauty of the light in Perth! It’s so true. I just love when you find that perfect spot where you’re bathed in gold light.

Once the sun went down Tabitha and Cody ventured out to North Beach for a few gorgeous pre-weddingย  photos. I truly believe in the importance of having engagement photos done. It’s such a great way to warm up and have some beautiful images of the two of you together before the wedding. No timeline to follow, just a fun date with your special person. What a great way to remember your time together before you tie the knot!

They had the beach all to themselves. The waves were crashing and the wind danced in Tabitha’s hair. They got to take in the beautiful view while being with that one love they couldn’t live without.

I am so thrilled to be shooting your gorgeous wedding at the Hilton this month. You both are so full of love for each other I’m very blessed to be chosen to document your wedding day!

With only days until George & Sorrell tie the knot I thought it’d be a great chance to share some of the best photos from their pre-wedding photo shoot…

As you’ll pick up right away, not only are these two a gorgeous couple, they’re also oozing with love, affection and a quirky humour.

They laugh together, tease one another (admittedly it was mainly George doing the teasing I think!), and cuddle with an easy comfort.

We did this photo shoot at a favourite location of ours – Star Swamp Reserve, not far from our studio in Sorrento.

For these next couple of photos I had invited George to visualize all the wonderful qualities and behaviours in Sorrell, as well as the moments they’ve shared during the course of their relationship that he loves to remember. Once he’d done that I invited him to open his eyes and share how he feels towards her just through that look…

And what a perfect look it is. Can’t you just feel the warmth and kindness in his eyes? I love capturing that wonderful expression in film.

The wildflowers were out and we go some cute shots of them teasing each other some more ๐Ÿ™‚

And as it started to cool down George was very chivalrous and warmed Sorrell’s hands.

With 5 days left till their big day we’ll be sure to share some photos of that soon too.

Su and Ryan are another one of our favorite couples. They were a bit camera shy at first. But, they quickly warmed up to the session and took some truly beautiful engagement photos with us. As we went exploring together in Hyde Park and the surrounding neighbourhood, you could really feel the connection between these two. Su and Ryan have such a wonderful sense of adventure about them. Ryan drove his classic convertible right into the park and we were able to create some really amazing pre wedding images for them!

The energy level was high between our couple during the photo shoot. They have such a strong connection, you can really see the sparks flying in these sequences!

Ryan’s car was the perfect prop to use to spice up the shoot. Some of the best engagement photos we take come from using things from our couple’s lives that add a unique feel to our photographs.

Hyde Park on a summer’s day is the perfect setting to take some really romantic photos.

Su was happy to let us create this fun sequence across the street from the park. It never hurts to shake it up a little!

Thanks so much to our wonderful couple! Congrats’ Su and Ryan!

Our lives are busy. For many of us, there are few moments in a typical week where we stop, take a breath and soak in the moment… and be totally at peace.

The most satisfying part of being a photographer is enabling those moments to be savoured and enjoyed.

For regular readers of our blog you’ll be familiar with our Engagement Sessions. Over the past couple of months I’ve been enjoying referring to them as Connection Sessions instead. I feel it conveys what the time entails much better.

Jeff and Rachel are a two of a kind. Sweet, thoughtful, kind and always easy with a laugh. In planning their Connection Session we talked about their love of things whimsical, their love of good tea, their swing dancing and the Aussie bush.

Together we chose two locations meaningful to them – Kings Park to start out – with the rich aromas of gum leaves and the sound of leaves rustling…. and later on, King Street… But we’ll get to that ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeff and Rachel spend much of their time reading together – whether it’s the fiction they’d prefer or long nights with their noses in heavy text books for uni. So while planning this wonderful picnic Rachel packed some vintage books for them to peruse.

As I always do, I invite the couple to experiment with their senses and see if they’re able to more fully be present in the current moment. The soft touch of the others hand, the beat their their heart. Simple acts like sharing a cup of tea each day are the little daily rituals that so many happily married old couples share, and I love that.

One of the most valuable things any couple can share is their laughter and joy… Something Rachel and Jeff have and abundance of. For this portion of the session we walked down to the Kings Park Botanical Gardens. It’s a really nice area for photography – with a diversity of plants and textures to use as backdrops.

Some of Rachel’s first memories as a young girl were of standing under a gum tree and loving the potent smell… So it was perfect that they were able to share some sweet moments under a ghost gum.

I love playing with scale in my photography and Kings Park offers some really cool opportunities for that…

After a wonderful time in Kings Park, Jeff & Rachel did a wardrobe change and we headed into their favourite part of town – King Street. As they wandered the streets they found some cool little locations…. Check out this cool little art gallery.

Don’t Jeff & Rachel look snazzy?? You really can’t beat King Street for the incredible architecture.

Rachel brought some balloons which made a really cool prop for some of the photos… Love the pop of colour.

Have you ever noticed that in movies they always wet the pavement? It’s one of those movie tricks that now that I’ve told you about, you’ll see it all the time. In these shots of them dancing below you can see how much dimensionality the reflections bring to the photos… Cool eh?

Jeff & Rachel popped into their favourite collectible book shop and enjoyed a few minutes chilling out together.

Before wrapping up their engagement shoot, they headed into their main hang out spot – King Street Cafe. The atmosphere is so European and the coffee is delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love seeing two people with so much love in their eyes. Don’t you love how they look at each other?

Thanks for an amazingly fun engagement session Rachel & Jeff!! I can’t wait for your wedding day!! It’s going to be AMAZING.


Since moving back to Perth in February last year, Charlotte and I have been really excited about booking so many weddings down south. We’ve love shooting at Wise Winery, Bunker Bay and lots of others in the Margaret River region. We were booked in shooting a gorgeous wedding in Bunker Bay and decided to tie in Rosanna & Wayne’s Engagement Photo Shoot on the same trip. This worked out really well because they’re also getting married in the Dunsborough area at Quay West Resort Bunker Bay!

There were several locations that we all wanted to check out together, so we cruised around in one car and just enjoyed getting to know each other a bit. Because Rosanna & Wayne booked us over email, it was a great chance to get to know them a little and the shoot felt like a fun double date! These first few photos are at Wise Winery. Such a relaxed and beautiful vineyard… The light right before sunset is always so romantic.

Next we all cruised down to Yallingup to check out an old surf shop that’s painted in wacky blue and pink stripes… Cute eh?

After having a bit of fun together, Wayne pulled Rosie around the side and had a bit of quieter cuddle with her.

As the sun started to set, we went looked for the best photography vantage point to soak it all in…

Being in nature this time of day is so spiritual. You really get a lot of gorgeous, relaxed photography when the world around you looks so peaceful. I love this sequence…

These natural smiles and laughs are so much fun, we love catching these moments!!

We really felt like we captured the true essence of these two… Their personalities really shine through and capturing their real expressions is a big part of why we love what we do so much!

Thanks so much for the great time guys. We had a blast at your Bunker Bay wedding and we really loved having the chance to photograph the two of you! Stay turned for more great images from Rosie and Wayne’s wedding!

If you prefer to check out the video of this session take a look here!!




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