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So excited to announce that Tabitha and Cody’s awesome wedding at Christ Church in Claremont and The Hilton in Perth has won Perth Bride of the Year. Perth Bride Magazine is one of Perth’s best resources for everything wedding. Tabitha and Cody had a gorgeous day and it was an absolute delight to be the one to create their wedding images for them.



This had to be one of the most difficult blog posts to put together. Reason being that there were way too many amazing images to choose from. I know right, good problem to have! Dave was off shooting this beautiful wedding at The Breakwater and I was with the gorgeous Tabitha and Cody at the Hilton.  I can’t believe that with just myself shooting, no second shooter, no assistant, there are almost 2,000 photographs from the wedding day! So much planning went into this wedding, beauty was everywhere! It made it really hard for me to put my camera down.

If you’ve been on the blog lately you’ll see the gorgeous engagement pre-wedding photo session of Tabitha and Cody! Well their big day finally arrived and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The days leading to the wedding were surprisingly ominous! Hail, thunderstorms and high winds! We were thrilled to hear the birds chirping and see the sun-shiney wedding day skies! The weather was a breezy 26 degrees and everyone was in high wedding spirits! What a gorgeous wedding we’re so lucky to share with you. If you’d like to sit back and just enjoy the images alone take a look at the slideshow link below. If you’d like to hear the story of their beautiful day, just keep reading 🙂

Click below for the slide show of the day!

We started off the sunny morning at Tabithas’ Mums gorgeous home in Applecross. What a perfect spot to start an amazing wedding day. The girls were all having the finishing touches done to their make-up when I arrived and was a great time to start the photography being picture ready. Tabitha and her girls looked absolutely stunning!

All of the details were ready for me to photograph and I got so excited with all of the cool locations I had to play with. The home was filled with interesting ornamental pieces. I loved the wedding shoes so found this cool golden tone chandelier to hang them from.

As the bridesmaids helped Tabitha into her gown you could feel the energy and the excitement. Tabitha looked so graceful and elegant, she has the beautiful porcelain skin and photographs beautifully.

I love this wedding photojournalistic moment. All of the girls hands helping Tabitha into her wedding gown and Tabitha waiting patiently. You can see the anticipation in her hands.

What a loving photograph, little wedding day moments like these are so sweet!

The decor was so beautiful, I felt like Alice in Wonderland having so many wedding photography locations at my finger tips. I loved this aqua velvet lounge, and purple velvet chair.

All of the layers of silk and tulle with just a touch of pink hue, makes this one of my favourite wedding gowns in recent memory! What a breathtaking design!

I love this image, the way the light skims the silk, it highlights all of the layers perfectly. I have to award Tabitha as one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen!

I loved little photojournalistic moments like these. Her eyes peeking through the perfect piece of shade on her way to her wedding ceremony! So cute!

Cody and his boys were getting spiffy at the Hilton here in Perth. What a fine group of chaps. They were having a great time keeping each other laughing and looking forward to the big day ahead.

I loved these Ace cufflinks, they fan out just like playing cards, super cool groomsman idea.

To these three brothers, this day held a lot of meaning and it also meant a lot of fun. Family always knows how to make you smile.

As we entered Christ Church in Claremont, anticipation was everywhere. The pews were abuzz. When the breathtaking bridesmaids walked down the aisle in unison, it was perfection.

I love these smiles below, this moment has been something they’ve dreamed about for so long… now it’s finally here.

Such a beautiful stone church, Father Peter always has the most spiritually moving wedding ceremonies. It’s such a blessing to exchange wedding vows here.

I loved that Cody and Tabitha have a quirky sense of humour! So do I, it always makes for funny images and laughter all day!

Here they are!! Husband and Wife, I just love how you can feel their happiness in this shot!

This little stone church has such a classic feeling. This picture of them leaving the wedding ceremony is just magic.

After the family photography session, we traveled by Rolls Royce to our wedding photo locations. The newlyweds stole a quick kiss in the vintage car!

Tabitha and Cody have such a deep love for each other, I always know that the images I take will look amazing. Here is another favourite from the day.

When you are an animal lover, your pets are like family. I know my dog Fritzi is. Tab and Cody had to have a family photo of their dear fur babies! I have to say those are some adorable pups!

Ok, too many favourites… I adore this set of images below, what a stunning pair!

Now for some wedding party fun, multi-coloured Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s on everyone! Looking rad guys.

When you have a gorgeous wedding party like this, the photography easy. You guys are the best, thanks for being so willing!

This amazing tree, a Morton Bay Fig, looks like it’s from another world. It’s so ancient and grand and with the sun peeking through made a beautiful frame for the bridesmaids to hangout in.

These girls were so relaxed together, what a pretty picture they make!

Our next wedding photography location on the list was King St. and Wolf Lane. This little alley way had such an interesting texture and beautiful light.

Don’t these two just glow together?!

What a handsome groom, Cody knows how to rock a fedora!

Look at that expression and that dress! Tabitha did it all in style, she’s got her Betsy Johnson pumps under that gown!

Tabitha and Cody look like they belong on a movie poster, this shot by Louis Vuitton is very Sarah Jessica Parker.

The bridesmaids loved getting a giggle out of Cody. this wedding was full of fun moments all day!

Ohhh, another cute wedding photo. Tabitha loves Chanel so we did a playful shot in front.

After the wedding party photo session we left King St and headed to The Parmelia Hilton Hotel, here in Perth. The room was glowing with candles and golden chiavari chairs. Fluffy pink roses and peonies adorned the centerpieces. Pearls, silk and lace linens accented the elegant table tops. It was a dream to walk into.

Smiles from ear to ear as they entered their reception. Welcomed by their guests clapping and cheers!

Speeches are one of the most emotional parts of the wedding day. Moments of laughter and tears. These moments are very important to document. This look says it all.

A tearful yet sweet moment for Tabitha as she hears her sisters loving words.

Laughter and love as Cody gives his speech! Tabs and Cody are always amusing each other, it’s such a happy love!

The first dance was magical. Tabitha’s wedding dress floated on the dance floor like a cloud. She is so graceful. Cody looked dashing and you know he has all the love in the world for his girl.

Another photojournalistic fave of the bridal waltz. What a feeling of love. This is why I love my job so much and can’t imagine doing anything else in the world. Perfectly timed moments captured on camera. These little expressions mean so much to our couples and to us. I just love being able to express to them how their day felt through my lens.

In classic romance and style, what a way to end a perfect day. Wishing you both all of the love and happiness on your new journey together.

Wedding Ceremony: Christ Church, Claremont
Location Photography: Kings Park; Mounts Bay Rd & Wolf Lane / King St, Perth
Reception Venue: Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Perth, WA
Photography: Charlotte Biesse

DJ – Choice Entertainment
EMCEE – Neville Simmons Onyx Seminars
Zoe Wilson – Makeup Artist
Jessie Ash – Makeup Artist
Janelle Larosa – Hair
Bouquets – Sweet Floral
Cars – AAA Executive Limousines
Belle Classic Cars
Wedding Gown – Hobnob Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: Studio Collections
Reception Decoration & Florals – Chandelabra
Photo Booth – Photo Favors
Suits – Ferrari Formal wear
Cake – Virginia Larsen Cakes

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer in Perth is all of the beautiful ocean front weddings we get to be a part of. We are so lucky to have some of the best wedding venues overlooking the water. Nikkola and Joel’s wedding was no exception as it took place at the stunning Soda Lounge on West Coast dr. in North Beach. Here is one of my favourite shots of the wedding day! A gorgeous shot of our couple kissing with the sun setting over the Indian Ocean, how romantic is that?! Love these two!

How incredible does Nikkola look? She has a timeless elegance that makes a bride beautiful. The vintage wedding gown complimented her beauty even more.
Little moments like these are what makes shooting weddings so much fun for us. Nikkola and her Grandmother were all smiles on the big day!

What an enchanting wedding ceremony at the UWA Sunken Gardens. The perfect setting romantic vows. The bridesmaids looked so regal in their royal blue bridesmaids gowns.

The vows were so meaningful and touching, it was really sweet to see them shed a tear. You see that they are the best of friends and they share a special story.

After the wedding ceremony, we cruised around UWA for some photography time with the newlyweds. These two were so excited to finally be married. They are so comfortable together. The photo session was a breeze!

The grounds at UWA are so lush and green, a perfect spot for pretty portraits!

The classic car was so cool. The vintage feel really went perfectly with their wedding day look! They rode to their reception at Soda Lounge in style…

Once we arrived at Soda Lounge, the delicate royal blue wedding details were so perfect with the stunning ocean views. The guests loved all of the personalized details and enjoying the canapes at sunset.

We stole them away for a few fun pictures on the beach. North Beach was the perfect nearby location to pop our toes in the sand. Don’t you love the way the silk bridesmaids dresses play in the seabreeze.

Uneven bridal parties are a lot of fun. The posing has more of  a magazine feel.

Nikkola and Joel enjoyed some alone time before their entrance. It was a nice time for the two of them to take a moment and soak in the day. What a beautiful setting to finally slow down and enjoy the beginning of the rest of their lives!

Thanks to you both for having us be a part of your wedding day. Congratulations!!

What an exciting Perth wedding season we have had. Even with expecting the cooler April temps, we’ve had some gorgeous weather and fabulous weddings! Aaron and Nat’s wedding was no exception and we had an awesome time with them, photographing their day.

We’ll start off with one of the most epic shots of the day, a breathtaking view of the city of Perth from Frasers in Kings Park. With some of the best views, especially from a photographers perspective, you’ll see why this is one of the best wedding photography locations in Perth! The lit ghost gumtrees make this shot even more magical by framing Aaron and Nat. What a pretty city we live in!

The day started off at Aaron’s parents beautiful home and at the newly weds penthouse on the water in Dalkeith. It was much fun to document all of the excitement happening in preparation for the big day ahead!

Nat’s girls helped her get wedding day ready. Once Nat was in her wedding gown, the absolute delight everyone felt was beautiful to photograph!

Nat is such a natural beauty, glamorous but not overdone. She really had the perfect bridal look. Effortlessly beautiful, with hints of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, but a style all her own.

What an adorable pair of Kate Spade wedding shoes. All the way from NYC! It’s so nice having special touches and cute wedding day details. Brides love cute shoes, and we love photographing them!

This shot takes my breath away. I love the ethereal feeling of this image. Just a quite moment as Nat takes in the waterfront view from the penthouse and the wind swept veil.

We were taking a few cute shots of Nat and her bridesmaids came out for a photo, how cute are these girls?!

This gorgeous park on the Swan River was this picturesque wedding ceremony location. Situated in Dalkeith and just a stones throw from their homes. This absolutely stunning gumtree framed the guests as they looked on.

Beautiful captures like this shot of Nat during the vows makes us love what we do so much. This single tear of happiness will always show Aaron hope much she loves him.

I love these series of moments when true personalities shine through in the photographs. I’ve heard many times that the key to a happy marriage is to  have a sense of humour and be able to laugh together. These two love to make each other laugh and are always smiling, truly best friends!

When you have a beautiful spirit and your heart is full of love, you really do glow. Aaron and Nat are such kind and loving, happy souls, we felt so lucky to photograph these special moments for them.

We love the sunny glow through the trees at Kings Park. We took a few moments to have some fun in the pine trees.

Having a wacky bridal party always makes for some fun shots! I love the look as these crazy kids cook up the next shot idea!

That’s some serious air! Aaron says he’s an Orthopedic Surgeon but I’m sure he moonlights as a basketball player.

I love the richness of the wood in this shot. Creative shots take a bit of extra work on the bridal parties behalf, but definitely worth it!

When we arrived at Frasers in Kings Park, this amazing sky is what we were greeted with. The way the rolling clouds looked above made for such a cool shot of Frasers. Once the darkness fell, we took our couple out for a few moments alone, to soak everything in. I love the city lights this time of night.

Chinese dragons or as they’re sometimes referred to as Chinese Lion Dance, always make memorable wedding receptions! The whole wedding reception was energized as the drums began to beat. Everyone was amazed by the acrobatics as the dragons made their way through the Frasers reception room!

What a show! The guests were thrilled and we were excited by the wedding photo ops!

The guests danced the night away to Top Shelf Music‘s mix of beats and had a great time dressing up to wish the couple well in the Vintage Photo Booth. It was a fabulous evening of fun, entertainment, tears, laughter and love. Congratulations Nat and Aaron, it was a total pleasure to photograph your amazing day!

If you’d prefer, a wedding photography highlight of Andrew and Anna’s Quarry wedding click above!

Being wedding photographers in Perth, we always find ourselves surrounded by such beauty. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have such a beautiful landscape to play with. Anna and Andrew’s wedding featured a few of Perth’s prettiest photography spots! The stunning turquoise water at Scarborough Beach, the romantic dunes of City Beach, Perry Lakes and last but not least the spectacular Quarry Amphitheatre. We started off the day at Scarborough Beach’s Rendezvous Hotel. The girls were so excited to help Anna get into bride mode. They helped her transform into such an elegant bride.

The boys were having a relaxed time hanging out before the big event. Andrew was looking rather dapper and really looking forward to seeing his beautiful bride.

The wedding ceremony and wedding reception both took place at the Quarry Amphitheatre. As they entered, the guests were wowed by the uniqueness of this gorgeous location. It was the perfect spot for Anna and Andrew as they both work in the mining industry.

Such a beautiful look as Andrew sees his bride for the first time.

You can see that they were both so excited for this day and now to finally be married!

Their wedding ceremony was absolutely stunning. The lighting was soft and magical – just how we like it 🙂

We took the bridal limos, which consisted of classic Land Rovers and a Rolls Royce, down to Perry Lakes for some shots of the crew. The majestic trees really made for gorgeous light this time of day.

Andrew loves these classic Land Rovers, so to have them in the wedding photos was a very cool touch for them. He actually works on these classic cars to restore them to their once new condition.

This is one stunning couple, wouldn’t you agree!?

With sunset quickly approaching we captured these sunny shots of the bridal party and headed to City Beach to capture the last few moments of light. I’m glad we did because the soft clouds looked like painted feathers behind the sunset and felt very romantic.

As the sun went down the lights went up and the Quarry reception was in full swing. The way the lights played on the formations of rugged rock was simply magical. Being surrounded by rock made you feel as if  you were indoors but with a sky of stars over head.

So lovely, I just love open air receptions!

Thanks to Anna and Andrew for having us along for one amazing day! We wish you all of the happiness in the world!

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