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Hi again everyone 🙂 A couple of days ago we posted a gorgeous bridal session Photographed in Perth’s Swan Valley… Well today comes not only the other half of that photo shoot, but also a video of the photos… Yey!!

So let’s kick things off with the video… We set the images to one of my favourite songs on the radio right now… DNA by Thirsty Merc.

These wedding photos were done at Caversham House, in the Swan Valley, just outside of Perth. This is literally one of the best wedding photography locations in Perth, bar none. Romantic, intimate, lush and the light is to die for.

We began the second half of the photo session by setting up a quaint picnic on the lawns below the Secret Garden at Caversham House. Charlotte has been acquiring props for these wedding photos over the last few weeks at op shops around Perth… So once we arrived and saw the pink and white roses in the garden, she pulled out just the right crochet blankets. She topped off the picnic basket with red and green apples and a pear or two for good measure.

Emily & Wilson sat down to enjoy a few quiet minutes together as the sun drifted behind the clouds. Splashes of golden light would fall on the couple each few minutes as they laughed and fed each other various goodies packed into their picnic lunch.

The photo shoot felt like a chance for the two of them to unwind together and enjoy soaking in each others presence… It’s cool to see couples so happy and in love.

Our breath taking bride decided that Wilson deserved to be fed the mini apple pie by hand and proceeded with a mischievous glint in her eye.

As Wilson took a tentative bite, Emily pressed the powdered sugar top onto his nose… too cute.

After enjoying a bite to eat, the couple spent some time on the old-fashioned swing before exploring the Secret Garden together, whispering into each others ear as they bathed in the tranquility of Caversham House’s gardens.

As you can see, the angles for gorgeous wedding photography at Caversham aren’t limited… the contrast of the manicured garden to the rustic Eucalyptus trees really does make for gorgeous wedding photography locations.

The love that Emily and Wilson share is so evident in the soft touches and gentle caresses they shared.

I love these soft, magical shots taken from the other side of the rose gardens… It really conveys the sense of calm that the garden has.

What a gorgeous couple eh? I love this fashion style pose they struck… what a cool couple!

This photo above again proves the vast range of wedding photography locations that Caversham House has! Awesome.

Emily  & Wilson, Thanks so much for your generosity of spirit, wonderful attitude and most of all, for trusting us to photograph your bridal session. We wish we could have made it to your wedding in Hong Kong. All the very best from both of us. Dave & Charlotte, Your Photografriends 🙂

How lucky we are to have the opportunity to photograph our wedding couples in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Right here in Perth is very high on the list of my faves. There is so much that Perth has to offer. You can have a beach wedding overlooking the ocean, at a romantic vineyard or maybe at one of the many and beautiful wineries or Estates like Caversham House. There really are so many amazing options. No wonder Emily and Wilson flew all the way to Perth from Hong Kong to have there bridal session photographed by us!

When we were planning this shoot together over email, we talked about having a bit of outback and a bit of lush greenery in the photos…. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect photography location than Perth’s gorgeous Swan Valley.

So as we drove out to Caversham, we were so happy to stumble upon this incredible location, a lush vineyard right next to a rustic old barn. We were so lucky the owner was happy to let our adorable couple play amongst the vines for these shots. It’s such a magical spot.

Part of the reason why Emily and Wilson hired Perth photographers for their bridal shoot was because they wanted some photographs to contrast their big city lives. Hong Kong is one of the biggest, culturally diverse cities in the world with lots of hustle and bustle 24 hours a day. You can see why city folk like these two would love to get out into the countryside for some quiet time together.

It’s no wonder so many bride and grooms choose the vineyards and wineries in Perth and the Swan Valley for their wedding day. There is something incredibly romantic about playing in the rows of vines.

Before starting the photo shoot, Wilson and Emily promised us that they would be shy during the session, and we told them we’d prove them wrong within minutes… turns out that they were VERY fast to forget all about the cameras and get caught up in each others gaze… Always lovely to surprise our couples with just how much fin it is to be photographed.

This location was the first stop on our journey. When we were done with the fun we headed up to the stunning Estate of Caversham House. Caversham House is by far one of Perth’s best wedding venues. It’s so romantic and immaculately cared for, you can see why it would be a dream location for Perth couples planning to get married in the Swan Valley. We’ll post part two at Caversham House very soon.

Emily looked like a fashion model! What a gorgeous bride!

The next photo is likely one of the most unique and creative shots of the day…. Love it.

We had so much fun with Emily and Wilson. Thanks so much for making the journey from Hong Kong to have your wedding photos taken by us. We’re so happy and grateful that you had to have us 🙂

UPDATE: Click the link to see the video and second half of this awesome Swan Valley Wedding Photography shoot.

I recently posted some Caversham House wedding pictures taken in the hidden garden and the marquee, and I’ve already had several people email and ask about the venue. So I hope you don’t mind indulging me in sharing a few more photos from Sian & Andres’ wedding, as well as offer my opinions on Caversham House as a wedding venue.

The Hidden Garden

The thing I LOVE about Caversham house is the amazing light. Because the ceremony took place literally IN the Swan Valley, it had really nice even shade and a cool breeze the whole time.

I’m sure you’ve all been to an outdoor wedding where the sun is blasting into the groom’s eyes and the bride’s back is to the sun, so her face in in complete shade. If not, let me tell you, it isn’t an ideal situation for the couple and can create unique challenges for the wedding photographer 🙂

The Caversham House Marquee

The Caversham House Marquee is so elegantly designed and yet still provides excellent outdoor areas for the smokers amongst your guests beautiful views if they step outside during the reception. You will notice in this next photo the large ornate mirror that people enter the tent and see first… An awesome first impression.

The crystal chandeliers add a glamorous touch to the space, along with providing luxurious light through the entire space. As you can see here, when it comes to photographing the wedding favours, the mix of outside blue light and indoor yellow light creates a gorgeous range of tones.

Gourmet Food

I kid you not, the food at Caversham House is on par with some of the finest restaurants in the world. Charlotte and I are lucky enough to travel quite a bit, and we love dining at well reviewed restaurants whenever we can…. And Caversham House are up there with the best of them. All the food was served hot, fresh and had large enough portions to be sure everybody was able to try each menu item.

The Dance Floor

When it comes to having a memorable wedding, a large part of people’s memory is going to be how good the DJ & Dance floor went off. I can safely say that the Caversham Marquee was perfect for that. The dance floor was placed among the tables, which allows people to slip on and off the dance floor easily, and also means that people’s infection energy will draw less eager dancers onto the floor. You really can’t beat that!

Overall I’d give the Caversham House Marquee a solid 10/10. Service was outstanding. Number of photography locations was excellent. Vibe is a definite 10 too.

If you are getting married and considering this venue for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring if you have any questions.

Cheers, Dave.

This past weekend I had the fortune to photograph the very beautiful wedding of Sian & Andres at Caversham House in The Swan Valley – just outside of Perth, Western Australia.

From the moment Sian first contacted us about her wedding it sounded like it was going to be a stunning event, and she certainly didn’t disappoint! Every last detail of the day was planned to perfection. Her stunning Indian Lehenga looked amazing, and Andres was dressed in traditional Peruvian wedding attire to boot.

Their ceremony took place on the lawns of Caversham House, overlooking the Swan River. The garden is a stunning fusion of Australian tea tree and Eucalyptus trees mixed with formal gardens and stair cases which give it a distinctly European vibe.

As Sian walked down the aisle the sunlight glistened off her jeweled head piece. Her parents looked so proud and her husband to be looked on with a calm and contented expression.

As Andres took Sian’s hands it was completely evident how much love is shared between them.

The celebrant, Michelle Gilks, did a wonderful job of expression Sian & Andres’ love for each other before handing it over to them to share the vows they had written in their own words.

The wedding service was filled with laughter and joy. To symbolize their love for one another, the couple drank wine to toast one another – what a cool idea.

As you can see in this next photo of the wedding registry being signed, the tea trees and Swan River were only a few meters away.

After the ceremony the newlyweds had a chance to spend some tender moments together as I captured some beautiful wedding photos for them.

The connection between these two is so obvious. You can almost feel their love in this next photo.

I know I said this before but honestly, the Swan River provided the most gorgeous backdrop for their wedding photography.

The Caversham House on-site wedding coordinator, Kamal, brought some champagne to the couple who took a moment to relax and soak in their surroundings.

Isn’t Sian’s head piece so cool?! Beautiful.

The garden staircases at Caversham House are world class in terms of wedding photography… So many stunning angles and the light was just gorgeous.

Andres’ works with precious metals for a living and created their wedding bands himself.

The Caversham House Marquee is almost ethereal – the soft silk draped ceiling and walls are set off by ten Swiss crystal chandeliers. The space is elegant and would be perfect for casual or formal weddings.

The happy couple entered their wedding reception to thunderous applause!

I can’t rave enough about the food at this wedding… As you can see, the hors d’oeuvres, seafood platter and mains were all incredible.

The meal was topped off with an out-of-this-world crème brûlée.

Sian & Andres, thanks for having me along to photograph your incredible wedding day.

Vendors who contributed to this wedding:

Wedding Photography – Dave Biesse
Henna Artist – Sangita Mehta
Brides Dress – By Kavita Thulasidas at Stylemart
Brides lace accessories – Created by Jenny Banks
Bridesmaids dresses – Silk brocade sourced in Singapore and stitched privately
Didgeridoo player- Sanshi, email – Sanshiner{at}hotmail com
Cake – Cakes Delight – 893 Canning Hwy, Applecross, WA, 6153. Ph. (08) 9316 9922
Decorations – sourced by mother of bride & co
Limo – Top class Limousines
Buses – Adams Coachlines (Website has sound)
DJ – mixed by Neil Viney
Celebrant – Michelle Gilks
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Caversham House

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