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It’s been another fantastic year. After moving to Perth in 2011, our wedding photography business has grown quickly. We are so grateful to all of our clients for referring their friends and family to us. We’re so thankful to you for thinking of us.

This year we welcomed our first child, Ronan into the world. Charlotte and I couldn’t be happier to be new parents and we love him to bits!


Photo : Erin Elizabeth

We have received some fantastic accolades this year too – The Knot name us among the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Perth; we’ve been featured on some fantastic websites like Style Me Pretty, Bridal Options & Easy Weddings. On top of that, we’ve been published in many magazines… Perth Bride, Brides Diary, Bridal Options, Scoop, Wedding & Bride and several others.

We have continued to be blown away by clients incredible reviews of our services… You can find those on our Facebook Page, Easy Weddings & Wedding Wire

As we look back on the year, there have been so many incredible weddings, and it’s very hard to choose the highlights, but here are a few of our faves…

Marius + Rozana’s // St Mary’s Cathedral // Frasers Reception

Wedding Ceremony held at St Marys Cathedral in Perth City.
Wedding Photography done at King Street & Wolf Lane, as well as Roe Gardens in Kings Park.
Wedding Reception held at Frasers in Kings Park, Perth.

Josh + Megan’s Wedding // Wesley Uniting Church // Lamont’s Bishop House

Wedding Ceremony held at Wesley Uniting Church, Perth CBD
Wedding Pictures done at Kings Park (Roe Gardens & Marlee Pavilion)
Wedding Reception at Lamont’s Bishop House, Perth City

Matt + Elisia’s Wedding // Greek Orthodox Church, Northbridge // State Theatre Centre of WA

Wedding Ceremony held at Saints Constantine and Helene Greek Orthodox Church, Northbridge
Wedding Photography & Reception at State Theatre Centre of Western Australia : Heath Ledger Theatre

Taryn + Claude’s Caversham House Wedding

Wedding Ceremony held at The Caversham House Chapel
Wedding Pictures & Reception done on site at Caversham House

Well that wraps up another great year. We’re very pleased to be able to share some of our best wedding photos with you. We would love to hear your comments below. Please feel free to contact us if you’re looking for a Perth wedding photographer.

Our lives are busy. For many of us, there are few moments in a typical week where we stop, take a breath and soak in the moment… and be totally at peace.

The most satisfying part of being a photographer is enabling those moments to be savoured and enjoyed.

For regular readers of our blog you’ll be familiar with our Engagement Sessions. Over the past couple of months I’ve been enjoying referring to them as Connection Sessions instead. I feel it conveys what the time entails much better.

Jeff and Rachel are a two of a kind. Sweet, thoughtful, kind and always easy with a laugh. In planning their Connection Session we talked about their love of things whimsical, their love of good tea, their swing dancing and the Aussie bush.

Together we chose two locations meaningful to them – Kings Park to start out – with the rich aromas of gum leaves and the sound of leaves rustling…. and later on, King Street… But we’ll get to that 🙂

Jeff and Rachel spend much of their time reading together – whether it’s the fiction they’d prefer or long nights with their noses in heavy text books for uni. So while planning this wonderful picnic Rachel packed some vintage books for them to peruse.

As I always do, I invite the couple to experiment with their senses and see if they’re able to more fully be present in the current moment. The soft touch of the others hand, the beat their their heart. Simple acts like sharing a cup of tea each day are the little daily rituals that so many happily married old couples share, and I love that.

One of the most valuable things any couple can share is their laughter and joy… Something Rachel and Jeff have and abundance of. For this portion of the session we walked down to the Kings Park Botanical Gardens. It’s a really nice area for photography – with a diversity of plants and textures to use as backdrops.

Some of Rachel’s first memories as a young girl were of standing under a gum tree and loving the potent smell… So it was perfect that they were able to share some sweet moments under a ghost gum.

I love playing with scale in my photography and Kings Park offers some really cool opportunities for that…

After a wonderful time in Kings Park, Jeff & Rachel did a wardrobe change and we headed into their favourite part of town – King Street. As they wandered the streets they found some cool little locations…. Check out this cool little art gallery.

Don’t Jeff & Rachel look snazzy?? You really can’t beat King Street for the incredible architecture.

Rachel brought some balloons which made a really cool prop for some of the photos… Love the pop of colour.

Have you ever noticed that in movies they always wet the pavement? It’s one of those movie tricks that now that I’ve told you about, you’ll see it all the time. In these shots of them dancing below you can see how much dimensionality the reflections bring to the photos… Cool eh?

Jeff & Rachel popped into their favourite collectible book shop and enjoyed a few minutes chilling out together.

Before wrapping up their engagement shoot, they headed into their main hang out spot – King Street Cafe. The atmosphere is so European and the coffee is delicious 😉 I love seeing two people with so much love in their eyes. Don’t you love how they look at each other?

Thanks for an amazingly fun engagement session Rachel & Jeff!! I can’t wait for your wedding day!! It’s going to be AMAZING.


In planning Pat & Rebecca’s engagement photography we chatted about a venue that would allow them to unwind and feel most relaxed together… King Street in Perth turned out to be the perfect location. Before I kick off I want to fast forward and show you the best photo of the shoot… and it’s one of the last we took.. Check it out.

Rewinding to the start of the photo shoot, we began by wandering along King Street, passing some of Charlotte’s favourite shops… Tiffanys, Louis Vuitton & Gucci… So many amazing frontages and window displays.

I took these next engagement portraits standing in front of Gucci, using the lights from the window display… I love the contrast it creates in the colour of lighting.

Walking down the alleyway next to Zomp we arrived at the King Street Arts Centre where we created some really unique photos!! I was very impressed with Patrick’s willingness to try out a stop motion idea I had… the resulting series is really quite hilarious!

After a quiet beer together we headed down to the Sir James Mitchell Park on the South Perth Esplanade to finish up their engagement photo shoot with some really dramatic photos of the Perth skyline in the background.

Patrick & Rebecca are tying the knot this coming weekend in Dunsborough and having their reception at Wise Winery… Charlotte and I are making the most of it with a 4 day get away to unwind and get into the Margaret River vibe. I’m so looking forward to their wedding on Saturday! It’s going be be amazing. Will have photos to share with you all soon 🙂

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