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Every wedding has it’s own special elements that make it memorable and worth talking about for years to come… But when you have your wedding at The Perth Zoo you’re likely going to set the bar pretty high. From getting photos with Giraffes, Elephants, Tortoises and an assortment of other animals; you also have access to some of the best views of the Perth skyline.  It’s also a short drive from so many amazing Perth wedding photography locations.

For example, check out the cool room Erin waited in before walking down the aisle to the man of her dreams… Cute baby giraffe pics hanging on the walls set off an already stunning bride.

With minutes to spare before the ceremony I grabbed some detail photos of the lovely couple’s rings and Erin’s bouquet.

As Erin’s dad walked her down the aisle there was a buzz in the air.

I love this photo journalistic moment as they walked into the Perth Zoo Japanese Garden.

As you can see, the Japanese Gardens at Perth Zoo are perfect for a an intimate outdoor ceremony with anywhere from 100 – 200 guests.

Nathan’s expressions as he expressed his commitment and love to Erin were so warm and loving. Such a great guy.

Erin looked incredible in her hand sewn gown, made from the lace used in her mother’s wedding dress! Amazing!

During the signing of the registry I created this panoramic photo of the amphitheater. As you can see, when your wedding is taking place it’s surrounded by lush greenery.

I love the electricity right after a couple are announced husband and wife! Can’t you just feel it in these photos?

Once all the formalities were over, the wedding party and the newlyweds all piled into two zoo mobiles and cruised up to the rainforest for a fun photoshoot as husband and wife 🙂

I invited Nathan and Erin to spend a moment holding one another and soaking in how great it felt to be married… The sensitive caress you see in these next photo shows just how much these two love each other.

They spent some time wandering through the rain forest and proceeded to exit where we found this amazing temple ruins. So cool!

Next we all headed over to the giraffe enclosure for a quick wedding photo before going on to the tortoises.

Just outside the nocturnal enclosure the wedding party strutted their stuff for the camera before the lovely couple ducked into the bamboo forest for a quiet moment together.

After seeing all the best parts of the zoo within about an hour, we headed back to the Japanese Gardens and photographed the coolest ring shot ever!!!

Heading out the back entrance Nathan stopped for a quick puff and I nabbed this great photo of him looking rather bad ass!

Next on the agenda was a quick lunch and a pint over the street at their favourite hang out, The Windsor. As you can see, they had to make a run for it between traffic! Hilarious.

After a great lunch we’d arranged to head down to Sir James Mitchell Park on the South Perth Esplanade to do some of their wedding photography against the Perth skyline…. This has got to be one of the best wedding photography locations in Perth…. Awesome.

The wedding party were all such clowns.. This next photo captures each of their personalities SO perfectly!

I love Nathan and the boys attempt at an Abbey Road homage..  LOL It didn’t really work, but their moment was much better!!

At the wedding party’s prompting, Nathan and Erin had a go on the swings… As you may be able to see, Nathan had to make due with the “baby” swing, and likely wasn’t very comfortable!

With the day already going so well and with so many great wedding photos, I felt lucky to have an extra half hour with the couple alone. We went down along the east bank of the Swan River (near Ascot Quays) to create some nice intimate wedding portraits of them together.

I’m not sure where the Swan Valley technically starts, but as you can see, the lush grasses and gnarly old gum trees make it seem like you’re buried deep in the wilderness. I love how remote this location feels even though it’s only steps from the street.

Something I truly believe in is allowing couples to have actual time together on their wedding day. Not just posing in front of a bunch of  backgrounds (as is so often the case with wedding photography). As you can see here, when you give people the space and freedom to express their love for one another, the resulting images are far more powerful than anything you could artificially create.

I can’t remember what joke Nathan cracked, but whatever it was, it garnished the right reaction from Erin!

Wandering back towards the limo we saw this stunning river gum and just had to take a photo with it.

I always enjoy documenting the little artistic details of the day – from the detail of the lace in the dress to the texture of the groom’s shoes..

Back at the limo the couple had a chance to spend some quality time together. So cute!

Thanks for a great day Nathan & Erin – you guys are awesome.

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