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    Let's start by introducing ourselves... We are Dave & Charlotte. We're wedding & portrait photographers. Our passion is photographing the relationships between people just like you. We call this lifestyle photography. Often people arrive on our blog looking for wedding photography in Perth or surrounding area, but we also take on destination weddings around the world.

    If you're newly engaged and in search of two fun loving, easy going wedding photographers, we're sure you'll love viewing our engagement & wedding photography portfolios. If you like what you see and want to find out more, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Our Awesome Albums

We love it when there is a knock at the door and the FedEx guy hands us a box. It feels like we’re little kids at Christmas with such a feeling of excitement and mystery, what could it be this time… a wedding album… an engagement album? We get to see our amazing clients dream albums become a reality and all of our hard work and design come to life. We feel so incredibly lucky that we have the ability to supply our couples with some of the most gorgeous wedding and engagement albums in the world! We absolutely LOVE our album company, and so do our clients. We were on the look out while at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) in Vegas last year, for a company to provide the high level of quality we dream about. It was sooo amazing that we actually found an album maker that has everything we were hoping for and a great turn around time to boot!

While looking for an album supplier there were a few must have things on our check list… 1) Our albums had to be unlike anything else that was on the market 2) The quality had to be second to none 3) The print quality had to be stunningly gorgeous 4) They had to be durable. Will it last the test of time? Last but not least 5) Are they ‘GREEN’ and socially responsible like us? Do they care about the Earth??

Another thing we love are the colours, textures, patterns, various wedding and engagement album sizes and designs we can select from to really add that personal touch for our clients. This pressed leather (also available in faux leathers) pattern below is so stunning and feels soooo luxurious in your hands… We love it!! It’s buttery soft!

We have so many options for cover designs and we encourage our clients to get creative and have fun with their album covers. Sara and Hami (below) have the same cover design for their wedding album but the red and black are reversed so there is a red cover with a black stripe! Pretty cool eh? It will look great in their home on a book shelf or coffee table.

We love the fact that our albums have smooth rounded corners! This is something that is really unique and adds that extra little bit of quality and care you don’t commonly see everyday!

The wedding and engagement album bindings are so well made, you can see that these books truly are priceless heirlooms that can be passed along to generations. That really makes us have a lot of confidence in the products we are providing to our couples.

Our gorgeous professionally retouched prints are bound to our flush mount albums flawlessly, so the image is never compromised or interrupted. Because our albums are made of a high quality card stock the pages don’t bend, tear or warp. They’ll look as beautiful today as they will in years to come!! If you’d like to check out some more samples of our designs check out our sister company Rainbow Eleven as well!!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog to take a peek at what we’re doing around here… We’ve been shooting some gorgeous weddings lately and have lots great stuff still to blog!

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